A World of Vibrant Colors

Welcome to the Colorful section, a world of countless vibrant colors. Here, Maya describes her process of sensing crystals in detail, and you can follow her steps into the world of perception.


Don't doubt yourself; perception is an innate ability that everyone has, ready to be utilized anytime, anywhere. All you need to do is set aside your mind's judgments and thoughts and purely use your body to perceive.


You are seeing with your eyes, not with physical sight, but with your inner vision. You are listening with your ears, not with your physical senses, but with your inner hearing. Seeing, hearing, and feeling—that is the essence of this section.


I know many might doubt their ability, wondering if what they see is real, or why their sensations differ from Maya’s. Hey, dear! You are not powerful enough to control the information you receive internally; yes, this statement is for our minds to hear.


Our minds have been trained by the real world for too long, demanded too much, always needing to meet everyone’s expectations and societal rules, yet we fail to see our own internal rules. These rules are unique to each individual, not opinions heard from others or knowledge learned from predecessors, not influenced by the external world or collective consciousness, but inherent to us, answering the question of who we are.


This answer constantly resonates within us, sending out bursts of the soul’s voice. Yet, we are always manipulated by various thoughts, hearing what others want us to hear, seeing what others want us to see, but no one tells you that you can feel everything, you can see your true self.


So, let's gather here! Together, let's journey into the world of perception.


I repeat, perception is an innate ability, and like any skill, the more you use it, the more you develop and master it, becoming more adept and skilled in its application. My trust in perception is enough to influence those who come here, so in this specially designed section, you can immerse yourself in the world of perception without worry. What is this if not spirituality? Each one of you is a spiritual genius!


Here are some tips for your playful journey: first, the perceptual channels in this section are open, so whatever you see, hear, or feel is meaningful; just trust and look. It’s important to note that the connections here are safe. When you enter this section, you step into a secure spiritual zone, and when you leave, your connection to this place will automatically be disconnected, creating a safe space for you to link and experiment.


In your own process of perception, you might encounter different images, sounds, or dialogues from what Maya has written. Wow! Congratulations, you have entered the true world that belongs solely to you!


Ask the questions you’re afraid to ask, explore more of yourself, heal yourself, save yourself! Love yourself! Create a new version of yourself!


So, if you ask what’s the difference between linking here and bringing these crystals close to you, I’d say, when you look at something from afar, you know it's not yours, you’re just admiring it. But when you become their owner, you develop a closer bond and deeper communication with them. The most magical part is, you’ve invited a helper. What kind of helper it is, you can ask them yourself! Invite them into your life, and you are co-creating together. What could be more exciting and thrilling than this! You are guiding your life, what wonderful experiences will you create for yourself?

I can hardly imagine the soul-stirring joy this brings!

Have fun playing!


"Go with the flow" is the key here, and "trust" is the source of mystical power. What can't you achieve? You definitely can! All your desires will come true! That's the law of the universe!