Creattor Guide

Hi! Welcome to becoming a Creattor! Here is a user guide for you. Please follow these instructions to start your mystical journey!


1 How to bind Creattor to yourself?

Before you touch Creattor for the first time, wash your hands, then take it out of the packaging. Find a place where you won't be disturbed, hold Creattor in your palm, gaze at it and memorize its appearance, then close your hands and eyes. Visualize its clear image in your mind and pause the picture. Silently chant in your heart, "My Creattor (its serial number + name), please bind with XXX (your name) and keep the connection ongoing." Pay close attention to the sensations in your body; a change like a refreshed aura around you indicates a successful binding. If you're unsure about the binding, take a photo and consult Maya. We'll respond and assist as soon as we see your message.


2 How to use Creattor?

In most cases, Creattor does not require any special activation rituals since you've already bound it following the steps above. You are constantly in contact with each other. Remember, the closer Creattor is to you, the stronger its effect. We offer three storage modes:

   - First mode: Place it in a small pouch that we have specially treated. This pouch creates an effect as if it's being carried with you. You can purchase the pouch through the provided link. The pouch requires a binding ritual, similar to the one for Creattor, but change the chant to: "Little pouch, bind with me to ensure my Creattor creates the effect of being carried with me. The influence of magnetic field will persist, so please keep the surrounding field clean to maintain our link. Thanks for your help."

Then, you can place your Creattor inside it. Each pouch can hold only one Creattor to ensure the purity of its energy.

   - Second mode: Thread it on a leather cord to make a necklace. We offer a link for buying the specially energized leather cord, ensuring Creattor functions well. It can be worn around your neck or carried in your bag and does not require a binding ritual.

   - Third mode: Some Creattors pertain to specific places and relationships and should be kept stationary in a location, not moved frequently. For personal use, consider the first two modes for carrying and storage.


For Creattor that needs settings for specific content, users, or times, follow these steps:

After washing your hands, hold Creattor in your hands and bring them together.

Focus on your hands and silently chant your intended settings three times. Here are some templates:

   - "Please influence my relationship with XX to become sweeter/more harmonious/mutually understanding."

   - "Please affect XX, wishing her a speedy health recovery."

   - "Please affect me daily from XX to XX o'clock, and let me act freely at other times."

These are just examples. Maya encourages everyone to have their unique settings for a unique experience! When you feel a tingling or warmth in your palms, it indicates successful settings. You can adjust these as needed, but be sure to inform Creattor, "Please cancel the previous setting; I need a new mode," before making changes.


3 What if Creattor is damaged or lost?

Since Creattor is a part of you, it reflects changes in you. If it breaks or goes missing, it might mean you have outgrown that theme, or it has been affected by external factors or distortions in your progression, which need to be corrected. In such cases, contact us, and Maya will interpret and provide new solutions or Creattors as needed. We're here with you.


4 How to maintain your Creattor?

Creattor is made of crystal, a stable energy carrier. Thus, the care methods for crystals apply, with some exceptions:

   - Avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures or chemicals.

   - Do not place it near electronic devices as it can quickly deplete the crystal's energy.

   - Avoid bringing it to hospitals, cemeteries, or other negative energy spaces to keep your energy field pure.

Creattor requires special demagnetization methods; flowing water is recommended. Rinse and dry immediately to prevent discoloration of metal components.


That's all for the Creattor guidelines. What are you waiting for? Embark on your magical journey now!