Lucky Day Game Guide

Hello Everyone! I'm Maya, and welcome to the Lucky Day section.

In order to make everyone's playtime more enjoyable, Lucky Day was born.


The game is really fun. Below this link, there are two animated images: one shows numbers 1-6 and the other displays all the types of crystals available on Lucky Day so far. You can use screenshots to capture a number and a type of crystal. This combination determines how many crystals of that type you need. Then, head over to the specific link to find your crystal buddies. There's no limit to how many screenshots you can take—just go with the flow. When you feel like stopping, stop and then go check out the corresponding crystal interview. I can’t imagine how much fun that will be!


What? You ask what a crystal interview is? Hey, you've asked the right person; I'm the interviewer, Maya. Before Lucky Day started, I asked myself many times how I should present our crystal friends to everyone. I always asked the crystals, what effect do you have on your users? What do people need? Guess what? I couldn't get a specific answer! One night, as I lay in bed thinking about this, I suddenly realized a perspective I had never seen before. That is, why always care about people's needs? Are humans the only superior beings on Earth? Must everything exist reasonably only after satisfying human needs? This is ridiculous.


Why can't they just exist naturally? Since connections are bi-directional, or even multi-directional, why should we only select crystals from a human perspective? Is it possible that crystals have their own perspective? Hey! Isn't this world built on energy? Everything is energy, and humans are just part of it! All things are eternally interconnected and influencing each other. Perhaps my initial thought was full of human arrogance. Why not let crystals be themselves? Let's hear what the crystals have to say!


Thus, Maya's Interview Scene was born. As an interviewer, I connected with various crystals and conversed with them. I recorded the content of our conversations without thinking about right or wrong. What is right or wrong? There's only what you need and what you don't. People summon crystals that meet their needs, and crystals summon people who match their energy vibrations. Isn't such a connection interesting and beneficial for both parties?


Then, we look forward to how our visitors come before them! How do you get to know each other? I'm really looking forward to this process; it's so interesting, and I've learned a lot about the wisdom of crystals. What kind of miracles will your meeting create? I can already see you rushing towards each other! Let it come to you, and you go to it! Lucky day was thus born; you've encountered your luck, and your luck has encountered you! This is so exciting!


Please note, when reading the interviews, what is said to Maya is also said to everyone who comes there; we are all M. What else is there to wait for? Lucky day has already arrived!


Come on! Let's start your journey! Wish you a lucky day!