Lucky play mastering

Welcome everyone to Lucky’s Amusement Park, where you'll find the secrets to success:


After reading the game guide, you're now familiar with the secrets of lucky day. Let's learn how to complete a unique lucky day puzzle that's entirely your own!


From the game guide, we've grasped the gameplay. So, what should we do after finishing the game to turn these fragments of information into your unique backdrop? First, let's introduce the members. Apart from number 0, all other members are natural crystals. Number 0 will appear in our creations only as a blending color. If you want your lucky day to become a bracelet or a necklace (of course, it can simply be strung together without forming any particular finished product, everything follows your heart's desire, we're just giving an example), taking the bracelet as an example, you need to do the following:


1. Take a string or a strip of paper, wrap it around your wrist, and mark where it connects:

2 Remove the string or paper strip and measure its length. The length you get is the circumference of your wrist.

After completing the lucky day game, if you wish to form a bracelet, you can calculate based on the diameter marked for each crystal in their links. If there's a gap to complete the bracelet, please visit link number 0 to purchase additional beads to make up the length.


For a triple loop bracelet, Maya suggests taking three times your wrist circumference and adding 2-3cm. The common lengths for necklaces are 45cm and 60cm, but of course, you can also create other lengths.


If you need Maya to thread the finished product for you, please let Maya know if you need help. Perhaps during the making process, Maya will learn more information about them. If not informed, the crystals and the special thread will be sent directly for you, adorable you, to complete.

Whatever choice you make, it's your creation, please look forward to it!


Below is an example for your reference: