Natural treasures introduction

Treasures, it seems, do not require my explanation, as they will meet those who recognize them as treasures and then rush towards each other. This collection mainly comprises some of Maya's collectibles, acquired because they felt uniquely and distinctly energetic, compelling me to bring them to my side. Since the start of Aifeelin, it seems as if their time has begun to flow again, and more than once I have received signals that they are ready to leave for someone else.


They always provide many hints, teaching me much. Sometimes, just quietly observing them, it feels as if time stands still. Oh, I know, time is an illusion of the three-dimensional world, and I believe their new destinations will understand this truth as well.


Love and healing occur when one takes full responsibility for oneself and trusts in miracles. A treasure comes to you because all the elements that make you a treasure have gathered; it appears as an important link in this chain. Reflecting on it now, they appeared while I was rapidly growing and transforming, and one signal after another has led me to today, filled with profound emotion.


I am grateful for their presence and for the flow that brings more excitement to others. Yes, I clearly understand the transformations I am undergoing and the person I am becoming, and I hope you do too, as well as those who receive these treasures.


The arrival of a treasure is not just a shift in timing and an elevation in energy. Maya will interpret each treasure's hints for you and provide six Creattors crafted based on perception, which will surely be of help to you. The outflow of treasures is calculated yearly, perhaps one a year, maybe five a year, or one in five years; everything follows the guidance. Everything is the best arrangement.


Everything responds to the call of your heart. It is not Maya’s arrangement, nor is it destiny’s arrangement, but rather when you genuinely wish to change and elevate, it will appear before you, and you will just happen to have the necessary funds and opportunities to make it happen.


This is the manifestation of abundance surrounding you and me! Believe in the power of the universe! You are the true treasure!