Purchase Guide

Hello dear friends, welcome to the spiritual world. The Aifeelin website currently has five sections: The Creattor, Lucky Day, Natural Treasures, Colorful, and Consultation Services. Let me introduce their respective functions and purchasing guidelines!


The Creattor

This section features original creations by Maya, crafted from various crystals and their unique energy combinations as guided. They are designed to assist in various scenarios. You'll be drawn only to what you truly need. So, if any item leaves a strong impression or you fall in love at first sight, it reflects a deep longing within your vast soul, appearing before you because you called for it and stirring your emotions. Wow, as I write this, I hear a voice saying, "You are far more expansive and capable than you imagine." This section is linked with our YouTube content where Maya shares different Creattors and their energy patterns. New Creattors and experiences are introduced weekly. If interested, subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates. Each Creattor is unique, and if the one you fancy hasn't been featured in a video yet, don't worry. Follow the guide provided post-purchase, and we can look forward to the positive impacts it will bring.


Lucky Day

I highly recommend you try this section. It originated from the voices of the crystals, leading to numerous interviews with them. The interviews relate closely to everyday life as we use a random selection method for you to draw your own crystal. You'll be amazed to find that the crystal interviews reflect your life! In the holographic universe, your choices reflect your true self—the whole contained in fragments. Crystals continuously hint at who you are; there are no coincidences, only mutual attractions. Discover your true self through your unique crystal portrait!


Natural Treasures

This noble section aligns with divine timing, showcasing unique and elegant crystal treasures from Maya's collection. These crystals have more concentrated and unique energies than others of their kind and represent preciousness. Those destined for these treasures share their rare qualities and stand out significantly in real life, thus attracting each other. Conventional value systems cannot define these treasures just as societal norms cannot confine their owners. Beyond description, different treasures await their destined owners; you attract and cherish each other, together creating a treasured life.



True to its name, this section offers a variety of energetic experiences. The items in Colorful do not fall into specific categories but follow the guide. While still infused with energy, each Colorful crystal carries different themes and messages. Maya records detailed descriptions on each page based on the content that Maya channeled, documenting whatever is linked to. Interestingly, in Colorful, I detail the linking process, automatically opening your perception channels for easier connection. You can follow the recorded linking methods for your own channeling. If you feel a special affinity, that unique match is your destiny. For spiritual safety, exiting Colorful will automatically disconnect the perceptual links. To learn more about perception, follow our YouTube channel where I will intersperse content about perception in Creattor videos. I also welcome everyone to join the discussion. This is what Colorful is all about.


Consultation Services

This section caters to those with special needs. If you're facing challenges or distress and need guidance, you can find Maya by clicking here. Whether you want to customize something for yourself or need a Creattor or other solutions for your difficulties, this is the place. We welcome those who are lost. Services are charged based on complexity and need because you deserve specialized care.


A final tip: Before purchasing, please fully understand the content about Aifeelin and the items you wish to buy, as well as the purchasing guidelines. We do not offer returns, as we don't want to see souls rejecting themselves; restrictions only narrow and close off the world. So please fully understand your desires before deciding. I believe you will warmly welcome their arrival.


Also, the store only ships orders over $200, offers free shipping for orders over $300, and every package will include mysterious little gifts that are definitely related to you—look forward to them!


That's all about Aifeelin for now, but new sections may be introduced as things naturally progress.

I always believe that everything is the best arrangement, and so is your arrival.

We are forever in the light.