The Creattor introduction

Hello and welcome to becoming a creator. You are embarking on a journey of miracles. I am Maya, your chief flight attendant. I don’t want to overstate this journey with flowery, exaggerated language, as it should be amazing beyond words—more incredible, more unbelievable, more challenging to your conventional beliefs. Look outside the window; you might have noticed the words floating by. If not, take a closer look. It reads, "This is how it’s supposed to be."


What are we supposed to be like? Legs tirelessly hustling for a living, ears catching whispers, or eyes watching the busy world, unable to find where we belong? We’ve come to this Earth and experienced so much, yet so little compared to our souls.


Now, this flight named The Creattor has appeared before you, answering your innermost desires. And yes, there's an extra 't' in Creattor, standing for transformation. As you start to become your own creator, transformation aligns with you. You can create any change you desire. Yes, you can, otherwise you wouldn’t embark on such a journey, nor would this airplane appear in your garden.


This part is crucial in Aifeelin; it symbolizes tangible transformation. Crystals become energy converters; different combinations produce various energy patterns. You’ll find what you need when you need it, and serendipity is indeed wonderful!


The Creattor came into being as a basic crystal energy combination. Maya only purifies and energizes them according to cosmic guidance, presenting their true initial energy patterns. However, they produce different effects on different people, triggering remarkable chain reactions.


Over the years, I have been engaged in this work, allowing myself and all who come to experience the wonderful ability to create everything about us. The energy universe is real and substantial, bringing deeper understanding of ourselves, and more importantly, continuously opening the gateway to perceiving the world. "About us" will tell you the significance of opening this perception channel.


Each Creattor’s energy channel is open. I will guide you on their pages on how to connect. Just follow the instructions, and you can easily feel its energy.


The moment you purchase your desired Creattor, a personal energy pattern is bound to you. When the owner experiences certain changes, they can be manifested through the Creattor. This is a very important feature of the Creattor. The destiny between you and the Creattor is facilitated the moment you own it, as we joyously witness together the unfolding of your personal creation.


Most importantly, during your time with it, you will gradually understand what your heart desires. Oh dear, this is crucial—remember, your external experiences are manifestations of your inner world. Creattor is merely a catalyst. Discovering oneself, cherishing oneself, and creating oneself is what we must do together.


I wish every visitor here the highest blessings of the universe’s goodness and love, and may we continue to walk in the light.


Our flight is about to take off. Please fasten your seatbelt and begin our wonderful journey!


I love you! Thank you!