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Deep breaths—




My whole body relaxes, starting from the top of my head—










I have confirmed that my spiritual channel is open and blessed by Gaia.

I am safe at this moment, undisturbed, and focused on connecting.

01, please connect with me in a way that I can recognize, with gratitude—

I walked into a garden, the inner garden of 01, filled with white and light yellow flowers.

I inhaled the scent in the air, the fragrant aroma of flowers and grass after the rain, which immersed my heart as well.

In the middle of the garden, a white four-tiered fountain was operating, yet I heard no sound of water.

Why? Why didn't I hear the water?

“You are willing to smell your scent, see your form, but you are not willing to hear your inner voice.”

Why am I unwilling to hear my inner voice? I really want to hear it now, please let me hear my own voice.

Suddenly, the sound of water appeared in the scene, flowing rapidly, loudly, and somewhat noisily.

Please tell me why it sounds like this, is this the voice of my heart?

“Haste makes waste. Your needs will be met, but they will come at the right time. Be still, cease imagining those desires. You are a child cared for by the universe, what is there that can’t be fulfilled?”

I felt a profound emotion stirring from within, and I almost wanted to cry; I know that my inner self knows everything. I cannot deceive myself.

Meanwhile, I saw the water flow slow down, its sound becoming more harmonious and smooth.

My consciousness has shifted; I think this is the gift 01 brings to everyone. I believe I am loved, and no matter what, the universe’s love penetrates every aspect of my life.

The scent of the flowers seemed to intensify; I enjoy this comforting and relaxing fragrance.

01, is there anything else you need to let me know?

I saw an angel descend and touch the spot of my third eye with their finger.

“Belief is your strength. The more you believe in the universe, the more good things it will bring to you.”

My goodness, I heard this sentence three days ago! Believe in your own strength!

01, what is your theme?

“Journey into your heart, delve into the source of your self. Blessings to you, and to all who come here.”

Thank you for the experiences you’ve given me, and for the guidance you’ve brought; this truly aligns with my recent state.

Please let me safely disconnect from 01; I have learned what I needed to at this time. I am grateful that my channel has clearly received the messages and guidance, thankful for all beings!