01 Larimar 01 Larimar
01 Larimar 01 Larimar
01 Larimar 01 Larimar
01 Larimar
01 Larimar
01 Larimar
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01 Larimar

01 Larimar

diameter 6.4mm
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01 and Maya Interview Scene

M said excitedly, "Wow, you look great today!"

"Be serious," 01 replied. "Do you have anything you want to ask?"

"What will you bring to people?" M asked.

"Don't try to pressure me; I feel no pressure at all. Maybe I'll make them like me?" 01 answered.

"Light and breezy?" M inquired.

"Not at all. What's your misunderstanding about relaxation? I understand you, or rather, I understand the occurrence of all things."

"A know-it-all?" M suggested.

"Not necessarily. You know, some people are more perceptive than others, and that's why they encounter me."

"That sounds extremely interesting. Do they find you, or do you find them?" M asked.

"It's mutual attraction. The bond that maintains connections is often reciprocal. I'm so sensitive, like the ocean, you know? The ocean is made up of droplets, and I notice every single one. My children are the same. Isn't that knowing everything? To carry this wisdom, we live from a gentle perspective of understanding everything."

"Like how you're gently looking at me now?" M said.

"Of course, and also everyone who comes here," 01 concluded.