03 Malachite 03 Malachite
03 Malachite 03 Malachite
03 Malachite 03 Malachite
03 Malachite
03 Malachite
03 Malachite
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03 Malachite

03 Malachite

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03 and Maya Interview Scene

M said, "Can you pay attention to me for a moment? You've been immersed in your yoga for half an hour now..." 

03 softly chanted, "Let it come naturally... let it come naturally..." 

"What are you saying?" M asked. "Wow, you look amazing. Where did you get this green long dress?" 

03 finally glanced at me, and Maya felt a surge of excitement, thrilled to finally be acknowledged. 

"Do you know, you're like a stone," 03 said. 

"You, you, you," M stammered. "You're saying I'm—a stone???" 

"Life, life is about flow~~~ The flow of fortune will enter the lives of those who come~~~ Flow~~~" 03 continued chanting to themselves. 

"I admit you're graceful, I admit you're so noble, but this 'stone' still wants to know what you're talking about?" M said. 

"You need to feel, feel the circulation of energy. You need to bless, bless all that is joyous. I am that joy, I am that blessing. And your failure to recognize me, does that not make you a stone?" 03 explained. 

"I know!" M exclaimed. "The moment I saw you, I felt a strong sense of happiness and good fortune. I just wanted you to introduce yourself. I'm not a stone (even if I were, I'd be a gemstone, haha)." 

"Voice, to chant the wonderful music; perception, to feel the purest energy; thought, only suitable for words in books and not truly understanding me. So why do you ask?" 03 pondered. 

"Alright, I'll be off then. Hey, taxi!" M said, leaving for the next destination.