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05 Sunstone 05 Sunstone
05 Sunstone 05 Sunstone
05 Sunstone 05 Sunstone
05 Sunstone
05 Sunstone
05 Sunstone
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05 Sunstone

05 Sunstone

diameter 6.5mm
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05 and Maya Interview Scene

M said, "OK, OK, can you stop staring at me so seriously? I just came from your relative 04's place." 

"That's dignity," 05 stated. 

"Alright, dignity. Why so dignified?" M asked. 

"Dignity is what makes enemies retreat and protects the city," 05 replied. 

"Maybe we don't have that many enemies..." M suggested. 

"You have to admit, in a binary world, there is a distinction between good and evil. Would you like to eat a fly with your meal?" 05 questioned. 

"..." M was silent. 

"If you would, I'd actually admire you," 05 added. 

"Okay, so you're a guard?" M asked. 

"A warrior would be more accurate," 05 clarified. 

"So you..." M began. 

"Oh, listen, I'm not anyone's enemy; I'm a guardian. I understand what you mean, there are no enemies, only friends. But when a friend acts unfriendly, isn't it necessary to remind them to stop? Or, if you act inappropriately, affecting the achievement of your desires, shouldn't you be reminded?" 05 explained. 

"Now that you put it that way, it seems pretty gentle," M understood. 

"I am dignity," 05 insisted. 

"Alright, alright, goodbye. I'm off to see another one of your relatives, 06," M said, preparing to leave. 

"Give them my regards," 05 concluded.