06 Sunstone 06 Sunstone
06 Sunstone 06 Sunstone
06 Sunstone 06 Sunstone
06 Sunstone
06 Sunstone
06 Sunstone
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06 Sunstone

06 Sunstone

diameter 5.3mm
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06 and Maya Interview Scene

M said, "Um, I just came from 05, and they asked me to say hello to you." 

"They are always so generous and kind, it warms my heart, I love them dearly!" 06 responded. 

"I feel your emotions are so abundant. Is your world always this beautiful?" M asked. 

"Yes! You've got to know me already! Maya!" 06 exclaimed. 

"Can you introduce yourself briefly?" M requested. 

"I think I don't need to say too much. When you come before me, I feel it's a matter of fate, which is wonderful, isn't it?" 06 replied. 

"Yes, I think I really like you and I don't even want to leave," M admitted. 

"That's because I make you feel loved, and because you make me feel loved! The connection of love is something people always pursue," 06 explained. 

"There's also a feeling of passion bubbling up," M added. 

"Love at first sight, yes, it's the eyes that find beauty. Do you understand? The beauty of love is everywhere, and I just want to shout out love to anyone!" 06 shared enthusiastically. 

"Oh, I really like you so much. What is this feeling? It makes me feel so comfortable and joyful, even a bit like my pores are opening up," M marveled. 

"Remember it, remember this feeling. I forgot to tell you my real name, I am Ecstasy! Ecstasy creates miracles!" 06 revealed. 

"It's you!" M said, surprised. 

"Let go and enjoy the world! It's time for you to go to the next friend! Embrace your joy!" 06 encouraged. 

"I will remember, thank you. I'm off to the next stop," M replied. 

"Always with you, my dearest!" 06 concluded.