08 Sunstone 08 Sunstone
08 Sunstone 08 Sunstone
08 Sunstone 08 Sunstone
08 Sunstone
08 Sunstone
08 Sunstone
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08 Sunstone

08 Sunstone

diameter 5.8mm
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08 and Maya Interview Scene 

08 greeted, "Hi, we meet again!" 

"You sunstone family members sure come in a variety of looks, hello 08," M remarked. 

"Yes, beauty is multifaceted, isn't it? Every appearance is beautiful," 08 said. 

"Yes, I completely agree," M responded. 

"Is there something you'd like to know?" 08 inquired. 

"I'd like you to introduce yourself," M requested. 

"Me? What do you think I am?" 08 asked. 

"Friendly, very friendly, but I can't quite put my finger on the specifics," M admitted. 

"That's it, I am your most primal feeling, the sense of integration with everything," 08 explained. 

"Unity?" M questioned. 

"If you understand, I am the unity with the earth," 08 clarified. 

"Like how?" M asked, just as she sneezed twice. 

"When you see me, you might even feel the presence of animals and plants, warm, vibrant, existing," 08 described. 

"Yes, it's a grounded vitality," M acknowledged. 

"Human beings are also part of nature," 08 reminded. 

"I get it now! This is about fundamental vitality and vigor, you're telling us to take good care of our bodies and fluids, right?" M realized. 

"Hold my hand, and you'll activate your own life energy, a stable and enduring vitality," 08 offered. 

"Then I'll never let go, haha. Thank you, 08. I was sore from working out yesterday, and now I suddenly feel relieved," M said, grateful. 

"You know me now, yes. Life is so vibrant and energetic, what's there to worry about? Everything is improving, I am 08," 08 affirmed. 

"Thank you! I'm sincerely grateful," M expressed.