09 Sunstone 09 Sunstone
09 Sunstone 09 Sunstone
09 Sunstone 09 Sunstone
09 Sunstone
09 Sunstone
09 Sunstone
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09 Sunstone

09 Sunstone

diameter 5.6mm
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09 and Maya Interview Scene 

M exclaimed, "09, you actually look like a little child! This is something I did not expect." 

"Childlike innocence, you know? Everything is pure joy," 09 said. 

"Indeed, the first thing I felt when I saw you was a sincere joy, just like birds spreading their wings," M responded. 

"You describe it well, natural joy and happiness. Look at me," 09 said, spreading their arms, imitating a bird in flight. 

"What a lovely child!" M remarked. 

"Do you know, I'm just a reflection of your inner self," 09 revealed. 

"Ah? What do you mean?" M asked. 

"What you see in me is what you are. The source of your emotions is what you will see in me," 09 explained. 

"So, you are? You're the source of happiness? What makes us happy?" M inquired. 

"Everyone's source of happiness is different, I am the truest origin. What you can discover, yes, everyone who finds me can discover," 09 stated. 

"That's absolutely magical! You've expanded my thinking!" M exclaimed. 

"Thinking is just a path leading to the source, you can also find my figure in it," 09 mentioned. 

"Indeed, can you fly again for me to see?" M requested. 

"I can not only fly but also swim in the water!" 09 transformed into a very beautiful large bluefish and dived into the water, swimming away. 

An astonishing experience! I absolutely loved this interview!