11 Aquamarine 11 Aquamarine
11 Aquamarine 11 Aquamarine
11 Aquamarine 11 Aquamarine
11 Aquamarine
11 Aquamarine
11 Aquamarine
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11 Aquamarine

11 Aquamarine

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11 and Maya Interview Scene 

11 started with, "to be or not to be, that's a question." 

Looking down at the time 11:11, M exclaimed, "Angel numbers! And you're also 11! What kind of fate is this, 111111!" 

"Hello, M," 11 greeted. 

"You really surprise me, everything that happens feels magical!" M said. 

"I am an angel message, and I have come to pass these messages to you," 11 declared. 

"Please, tell me! I'm excited, and so is everyone else! Do you see the big eyes in front of the screen?" M asked. 

"Existence or extinction is not a question but the same thing. Without existence, there is no extinction; without extinction, there's no birth. The world is a circle," 11 explained. 

"So, where are we now in the circle?" M inquired. 

"You are eternal, not born and not dying. I am the same. I am you," 11 revealed. 

"Are you a part of me?" M pondered. 

"No, I am all. You are all too. What I know, you know; what you know, I know. I am the channel for messages, and so are you. You always know what you are doing, and those who come here are also me," 11 said. 

"And they are me?" M followed. 

"Yes, coming close to me is part of discovering your true self. Those who come here have already embarked on the sacred journey of self-discovery. Your quest for self is essentially the universe caring for its self. That's all I have to say," 11 concluded. 

"OK, OK, thank you very much. I originally thought you were just a member of the Aquamarine family, but I didn't expect you to bring me such deep feelings and awareness," M reflected. 

"The 'Aquamarine family' is just a label. I think you should know that every individual is a different state of presentation, but essentially, we are all the same. Do not be misled by labels such as names; they could prevent you from understanding other aspects of us. The mysteries of the universe are infinite," 11 advised. 

Then 11 vanished, disappearing into thin air. "This must be the language of the gods, thank you, grateful for everything!" M felt overwhelmed.