12 Aquamarine 12 Aquamarine
12 Aquamarine 12 Aquamarine
12 Aquamarine 12 Aquamarine
12 Aquamarine
12 Aquamarine
12 Aquamarine
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12 Aquamarine

12 Aquamarine

diameter 6.1mm
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12 and Maya Interview Scene 

12 began, "Maya, I know what you want to ask." 

"That's great, let's get straight to the point," M responded eagerly. 

"I think you should know how fast I speak, how nimble my thoughts are, and how quickly I learn. Yes, you should know," 12 stated. 

"Indeed, the moment I stepped in, I felt an energy of efficient movement swirling around!" M exclaimed. 

"Without me having to remind you, has your mind started to clear up?" 12 asked. 

"How did you know! My vision even seems a bit clearer!" M was astonished. 

"Clarity, that's me. Seeing clearly, hearing clearly, thinking clearly, remembering clearly, it's all me, essentially the clarity of information," 12 explained. 

"Um, can you make the lottery numbers clear to me as well?" M joked with anticipation. 

"Do you know what the number 12 signifies?" 12 diverted. 

"Please, tell me, right away!" M urged. 

"Completion, the end of a state, with a new state brewing," 12 revealed. 

"You remind me of the zodiac signs," M mused. 

"I just want to tell you, there's so much richness in what I offer, too much for you to link and explore. And, I knew your lottery question was a joke," 12 said knowingly. 

"You saw through that too, can't you have a sense of humor?" M teased. 

"Shall I contact some sunstone family members? Maybe I will become a master of jokes," 12 suggested humorously. 

"If you're willing. But it's a good idea, you're great at collaborating with others to create new effects and even amplify them," M recognized. 

"You're starting to understand me, M. I prefer calling you M over Maya," 12 mentioned. 

"Why's that?" M was curious. 

"Mysterious, I know you," 12 said with a hint of mystery. 

"Stop! Let me maintain some mystery in front of everyone! OH no, you've exposed my truth and made me prove it to everyone on the spot!" M exclaimed. 

"Haha, you've already become a master of comedy!" 12 laughed. 

"Maybe that's something I should be saying to you... Goodbye 12, I'd love to chat more, but I'm really hungry and it's time for lunch," M concluded. 

"Enjoy your meal, you're going to love your lunch, there's a little surprise waiting for you~" 12 hinted. 

"I can't wait!"


M came back with feedback, saying, "Just before heading out, I suddenly saw an introduction to a particularly beautiful park I hadn't visited yet. After eating, Vincent (my husband) and I went to that park. We had a lot of fun playing there. Being with nature always brings joy. Sharing a favorite photo I took today with everyone:

Greetings to all!