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15 Partschinite 15 Partschinite
15 Partschinite 15 Partschinite
15 Partschinite
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15 Partschinite

15 Partschinite

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15 and Maya Interview Scene 

M greeted, "Hi, I think today is such good weather, to have bumped into you on the street." 

"Here, try the mango I just bought," 15 offered. 

(Catching the mango) "Thanks, actually, I came to interview you," M said. 

"Relax, we can start now," 15 responded. 

"How did you recognize me?" M inquired. 

"When you want to see me, naturally, I will come to see you," 15 explained. 

"The law of attraction?" M wondered. 

"You know, between people, things, there is always a connection; no existence is completely isolated. I'm here because you wanted to see me, so I appeared," 15 revealed. 

"So, are you telling us the mystery behind it?" M asked. 

"Relax, pay attention to your calling. The desire to do something emanates from the lower three chakras, and it will inevitably manifest in the material world. What you want to do, you will do, and you will get the results you want. I am the witness." (Lower three chakras: referring to the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus chakras in the seven chakra system) 

"Witnessing the creation of things?" M clarified. 

"No, witnessing the fulfillment of desires," 15 corrected. 

"Can you help people clarify their desires?" M probed. 

"Hey, you can ask this question more casually. It's not the goal that's important, but the process, which will bring you unexpected wonders. Like how you wanted to interview me but met me on your way here, isn't that interesting?" 15 posed. 

"Yes, it's a pleasant surprise. And you recognizing me was also a surprise," M admitted. 

"I think you understand that all appearances and meetings are not by chance. There must be a connection between us for a story to happen. The desire to connect is my name," 15 explained. 

"This may sound abstract, but I think those who are reading will understand," M mused. 

"Just as they are connecting with me, I am connecting with them. This response to desire creates endless mysteries, isn't that interesting?" 15 said. 

"You've made me feel attracted to the teachings of a wise person," M shared. 

"You could also call it, the philosophy of manifestation. I think you'll like it here. Didn't your purpose to interview also successfully manifest? Otherwise, who am I talking to right now?" 15 joked. 

"This is really wonderful, oh, I really like you. People's desires create reality, so you're the path of manifestation," M realized. 

"I like that name, and I like you all," 15 concluded.