16 Moonstone 16 Moonstone
16 Moonstone 16 Moonstone
16 Moonstone 16 Moonstone
16 Moonstone
16 Moonstone
16 Moonstone
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16 Moonstone

16 Moonstone

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16 and Maya Interview Scene 

16 declared, "Forgive, forgive everything." 

"Are you talking to me?" M asked. 

"To all beings in the world," 16 clarified. 

"What needs to be forgiven?" M inquired. 

"Illusions, all that displeases you are but illusions. Perhaps your tears are real, but they are just for a play," 16 explained. 

"Can you explain that to us?" M requested. 

"Only experiences that imprint on your soul are real to you. I bless you to always remember happiness in your heart and forget all unpleasant experiences," 16 said. 

"And forgive others? Why?" M probed. 

"Because there are no 'others,' only yourself. Look at what I said earlier, real experiences stem from within yourselves, not imposed by others but created and released by you," 16 elaborated. 

"So, you're saying we're hurting ourselves? We make ourselves suffer? It's not about other people?" M clarified. 

"Yes, M, you understand it best," 16 affirmed. 

"I get it, but we need to explain it to them," M stated. 

"OK, M. You know, true understanding doesn't come from words but from the influence of magnetic fields and perception. Some words, heard over and over, enlighten you suddenly, not because of the words themselves but because of the timing of their recurrence and their magnetic field's impact on others. Do you still think words are important? Just like forgiveness I mentioned, do you think I'm really talking about forgiving another person?" 16 questioned. 

"I understand now! You mean to say, what people need to forgive is not others but themselves, the creators of their perception, opening their own cages," M grasped. 

"You've described it very accurately, thank you for your cooperation. You see, what enlightens people is never the words but the perception I've just conveyed to you. Those who come here will also understand all truths," 16 assured. 

"So, you're not really called 'Forgiveness,'" M realized. 

"M, you've seen through me. Yes, I am called—" M and 16 said in unison: "Freedom."