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17 Amazonite

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17 and Maya Interview Scene 

M greeted, "Hi, dear 17, the first thing I thought of when I saw you was the word 'boundary.' Is that true?" 

"I prefer keeping a certain distance from you, which allows me to see you more clearly," 17 replied. 

"I thought I was the one looking at you," M remarked. 

"Connection is always more than one-way, isn't it? Let me observe your intelligence and bravery," 17 proposed. 

"OK, how do you plan to flip through me to inspect?" M asked curiously. 

"Because I maintain a boundary with you, I can see more clearly, maybe not in the way you think of flipping," 17 explained. 

"What's the rationale behind this? Please teach me, I think you are my teacher now," M requested. 

"When things lose their boundaries, personal traits begin to merge, creating an indistinct phenomenon. Ever heard of a mob mentality?" 17 questioned. 

"I think I know, but that's about groups," M responded. 

"Aren't groups also a form of connection? Don't be blinded by definitions. Essentially, it's about breaking individual boundaries and merging with external energies. Merging is good, but maintaining independence and clarity is also important. Excluding the different only leads to a lack of innovation. Embracing more voices means you need clear boundaries. You need to know who you are," 17 elaborated. 

"You say so, and I seem to understand. Have you seen my intelligence and courage clearly?" M inquired. 

"Needs a bit more refinement," 17 commented. 

"Maybe you could save my face? There are so many people watching..." M half-joked. 

"If I were to say what I like most about you, it would definitely be your honesty, especially towards yourself. Those who come here are just like you," 17 complimented. 

"Alright, that means you've exposed many others’ faces as well. Tell me your truth, 17," M urged. 

"Maintaining self-awareness requires sufficient wisdom and a bit of courage. I know you and others are different, which may have troubled you, but these are good things. Traits give your soul uniqueness; how special you are!" 17 encouraged. 

"17, you've surprised me today; I've never heard you say these things in our past interactions," M reflected. 

"That's because you hadn't even discovered the courage to see me," 17 pointed out. 

"No, no, no, I've grown, so here I am, praise me," M sought affirmation. 

"What praise is more fitting than you affirming yourself? This is something you should tell yourself. You've grown, you're doing well! I'm proud of you," 17 praised. 

"Thank you, sincerely, thanks for today's conversation. I know you want to speak to those who are seeing this, 17, you just wanted to use my voice, right?" M concluded. 

"M, bring them the good news, just as I've spoken to you," 17 instructed.