18 Gray moonstone 18 Gray moonstone
18 Gray moonstone 18 Gray moonstone
18 Gray moonstone 18 Gray moonstone
18 Gray moonstone
18 Gray moonstone
18 Gray moonstone
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18 Gray moonstone

18 Gray moonstone

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18 and Maya Interview Scene 

18 stood in front of a huge wheel. 

"The wheel of fate is turning, M, look here," 18 said. 

"Why are there some small black spots here? What are these?" M asked. 

"This thing is called 'knot,' representing the accumulation of fixations into energy blocks, unable to move forward," 18 explained. 

"Ah? Is that urgent?" M wondered. 

"Perhaps, those immersed in it still think these are their desires," 18 remarked. 

"Desires? What do you mean?" M inquired. 

"People always think these are wishes, wanting this and that, but they only exist in fantasy, allowing fantasy to block their path forward," 18 elucidated. 

"So what? What happens then? Tell me quickly," M pressed. 

"So, the path itself is viable, but people fill it with negative definitions. The things they desire become terrible content, wanting wealth but always showcasing their life's lack through the 'desire for wealth' fantasy. These black spots were originally golden," 18 disclosed. 

"Ah! I see, what people think in their heads and what they want in their hearts aren't the same," M realized. 

"Yes, what one wants stems from an unconscious lack, never looking at what one possesses. Those who want wealth can indeed have it, those who want to be loved are already loved. Having desires isn't bad, the point is what their heart is revealing," 18 clarified. 

"18, who are you?" M asked. 

"I'm the sweeper on the road of wishes, clarifying your heart, illuminating your path," 18 responded. 

"Perhaps you have another name?" M speculated. 

"I am a lighthouse, not the lighthouse of the night, but a lighthouse of dreams. Illuminating your dreams, the true call, is my honor," 18 expressed. 

"18, you might also be an ambassador of dreaming, I'm sure you would sketch dreams into beautiful shapes," M affirmed. 

"Perhaps that's not even a dream." (the wheel of fate suddenly disappeared) "Look, this black earth, do you think the wheel of fate only exists in dreams?" 18 questioned. 

"Ah! All dreams born from wishes will manifest! 18, let's talk about how to start a globally renowned coffee shop..."