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19 Apatite

19 Apatite

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19 and Maya Interview Scene 

19 was chanting, "Happy New Year, happy New Year, happy New Year to you all..." 

"What are you singing? The new year has already passed," M questioned. 

"Seeing you makes me happy, M, you've finally arrived here," 19 expressed. 

"Where is this?" M asked. 

"The lake of the heart, serene and peaceful," 19 described. 

"Peaceful? Aren't you singing?" M pointed out. 

"You know, I just wanted to express my goodwill," 19 explained. 

"You are indeed considerate, knowing that I'm familiar with this song," M acknowledged. 

"Thank you. Maybe you'd like some whiskey?" 19 offered. 

M took the glass, "Dear, how do you have everything here?" 

"Because I am Satisfaction," 19 revealed. 

"Ah? You're Satisfaction?" M was surprised. 

"Don't guess blindly. Satisfaction requires wisdom, so what you saw first is my wisdom, but what I want to bring you is a feeling of fulfillment," 19 clarified. 

"That makes sense, you make me feel very comfortable, 19. I unconsciously want to relax," M shared. 

"I think you understand my intention, M. People need to pay more attention to their feelings rather than showcasing their wisdom, although that's also important," 19 advised. 

"Wow, why are you starting to glow green, 19?" M noticed. 

"I want you to feel more than you hear and see," 19 intended. 

M was enveloped in green light, like floating on the surface of the water covered with moss, comfortable and peaceful. 

"I understand now, 19, love is wisdom, but love needs to be carefully felt, it should not be ignored. Including love for oneself," M realized. 

"Yes, I give you a green fan. Wind can also be love, coming from a comfortable feeling, everything is love," 19 imparted. 

"Thank you for your guidance, let's give the fan of love to everyone. The air is filled with love, I believe everyone can feel it," M concluded.