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20 Dialogite 20 Dialogite
20 Dialogite 20 Dialogite
20 Dialogite
20 Dialogite
20 Dialogite
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20 Dialogite

20 Dialogite

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20 and Maya Interview Scene 

20 revealed, "You know, M, many people have come here, but you're the special one." 

"Ah? Who else has been here? Who's stealing my job as the top host?" M joked. 

"Look, the lovers of the world, infatuated men and women, they're all too familiar to me," 20 said. 

"Please just say what you mean next time, you scared me," M pleaded. 

"I see a pure connection in you, so I talk more with you. I don't want to say much to others," 20 explained. 

"Then, please share some wisdom with us, dear guide," M requested. 

"You're right, I am indeed a guide of love, but many have misunderstood the essence of love. Connection happens at the essence of the soul, without the need for lies, yet people love to lie. The real you has the ability to recognize lies, and love itself, if not honest and open, becomes a tangled curse," 20 elaborated. 

"Maybe some people are reluctant to express," M speculated. 

"I am the expression of love, do you understand? Intense emotions come with intense love, and I dare say behind every passionate expression is love, but not lies," 20 asserted. 

"How can we make others treat us with honesty?" M inquired. 

"Start by being someone who expresses love genuinely! When one end of the connection changes, the other end inevitably transforms. If you want to love, express real love, and when the other person isn't real, the relationship will subtly shift, and you'll clearly sense it," 20 advised. 

"What if one side is honest and the other isn't?" M asked. 

"Then it will come to an end. Don't think about the pain, you don't have time to be in pain, because the guide to sincerity is sincerity. Why not connect with someone who treats you sincerely? Why not allow yourself to be the real you, accept real emotions, and love someone truly?" 20 questioned. 

"Okay, 20, you've become today's master of emotions, you've spoken very aptly," M complimented. 

"That's all I have to say, here's a rose for you," 20 offered. 

M caught it, "Why doesn't it have thorns?" 

"True love won't hurt you but will be filled with appreciation for you. Even a rose knows to retract its thorns to love someone, let alone people," 20 concluded.