22 Diopside 22 Diopside
22 Diopside 22 Diopside
22 Diopside 22 Diopside
22 Diopside
22 Diopside
22 Diopside
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22 Diopside

22 Diopside

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22 and Maya Interview Scene

M stepped into a resplendent palace, greatly impressed. 

"Where is this? 22, are you home?" M called out. 

22, surrounded by a crowd, gracefully approached the camera, making M feel inferior, as her modest camera seemed incapable of capturing 22's opulence. 

"Why are you silent?" 22 asked. 

"What should I call you?" M inquired. 

"Come closer, don't keep your distance from me, I think you'll like me," 22 encouraged. 

"I'm here to interview you, I'm little M, 22," M introduced herself. 

"I know what you're thinking, don't be like that, M. You can be my friend, just like those who come here," 22 reassured. 

"I know, it's not easy to come here," M acknowledged. 

"Yes, I am power, I am the force of control, I am authority," 22 declared. 

"So, I really don't know who would come here to connect with you," M confessed. 

"Be more confident, you can too. All leaders who demand the utmost from themselves will come here, even if not now, in the future. I can see it clearly," 22 envisioned. 

"Excuse me, 22, you've left me somewhat at a loss for what to ask," M admitted. 

"Then let me tell everyone who I am. I am the favorite of the heavens, destined to be extraordinary, the antonym of mediocrity, with everything within my grasp," 22 proclaimed. 

"Before coming here, I thought you'd be very serious, but you're so approachable," M observed. 

"Why not? You're my friend, M. I welcome you here to witness my true form, just as I welcome others," 22 said. 

"I'll try my best!"

"Remember, there's only one road here, being genuinely yourself. Believe you can be everything, it's simple, anyone who comes here will understand," 22 advised. 

"22, 22, thank you, I don't know what to say, I just want to listen to you speak, but I know you've said all you need to," M reflected. 

"It's your turn now, M, go do it," 22 encouraged.