24 Brookite in quartz 24 Brookite in quartz
24 Brookite in quartz 24 Brookite in quartz
24 Brookite in quartz 24 Brookite in quartz
24 Brookite in quartz
24 Brookite in quartz
24 Brookite in quartz
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24 Brookite in quartz

24 Brookite in quartz

diameter 4.9mm
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24 and Maya Interview Scene

M began, "Let's welcome 24 to the stage. Today, we've returned to our studio. 24, are you prepared to open up to us?"

There was silence from 24.

"OK, I need to explain to everyone," M continued, "24 is quite difficult to get a response from, so we've brought them here. Under the spotlight, you can clearly see a very thick protective shield surrounding 24."

24 made a small noise, "…Hmm."

"Wow, that's huge progress. There's an echo!" M exclaimed. "Let's continue. If I say anything wrong, could you correct me, please?"

24 replied, "Not every question needs a response."

M, feigning a cough, said, "There might be a problem with my in-ear monitor. I didn't catch that, did you say something?"

"I protect," 24 stated more clearly.

"What? What resistance?" M asked, pretending to misunderstand.

"I said, I am the protector," 24 clarified.

"Alright, we all heard it," M acknowledged. "24 is the protector. It's not hard to see, given their appearance, that 24's protection is very direct. So, under what conditions do you offer protection? Like getting a finger cut or falling down the stairs?"

24 explained, "My energy is reserved for when you face danger. It's then released. M, your little tricks are as obvious as a water-spraying truck."

M apologized, "I want to say sorry, 24. The moment I spoke just now, I received your message. Your energy is most evident when activated in the face of danger. You also help people isolate themselves from bad things, right? I sincerely apologize for not recognizing you."

"M, it's not your fault," 24 reassured. "Because you haven't faced danger, it's hard for you to meet me. But those in need will definitely encounter me."

"So that's how it is! Can I take that as a kind of blessing?" M asked.

24 concluded, "Then I will bless everyone. Under my wings, there is peace."