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27 Red phantom 27 Red phantom
27 Red phantom 27 Red phantom
27 Red phantom
27 Red phantom
27 Red phantom
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27 Red phantom

27 Red phantom

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27 and Maya Interview Scene

27 exclaimed, "Let's have some fun!"

M interrupted, "Excuse me, it's me who's interviewing you..."

"That's not important," 27 dismissed. "What matters is happiness and fun, right?"

M pondered, "So, what's fun for you? I find interviewing you quite interesting."

"Yes," 27 mused, "you get to see a variety of crystals, just like the variety of people. Isn't that interesting?"

M asked, "So, how should we get to know you today?"

"Oh," 27 was surprised, "I'm standing right in front of you, and you don't find me to be the amusement of life?"

"That sounds extremely interesting," M replied. "What exactly is 'amusement'?"

"It's what sparks your interest," 27 explained. "What are you interested in?"

"I'm interested in everything," M declared.

"Congratulations, then," 27 said. "So, every day is a brand-new experience for you, isn't it?"

"Yes, I love living like this," M affirmed, "always discovering new perspectives."

"Exactly, you got it," 27 agreed. "I am that freshness."

M wondered, "Like fresh vegetables or lively animals?"

"It can be seen that way," 27 suggested. "The point is, constantly perceiving existence from entirely new angles, everything and everyone, isn't that novel and interesting? Bread could be bricks, soil could be cream, oh! The joy is in the unpredictability."

"How can everyone experience this change?" M inquired.

"Come closer," 27 invited. "I am that novelty and transformation. Taste the wine in your mouth, which no longer just saliva, doesn't it suddenly refresh you?"

"It does feel like it!" M exclaimed. "A whole new perception, wow! That's really interesting!"

"The world is full of me, you know?" 27 revealed. "New experiences, I think that's what people come here seeking. Life needs a dash of freshness, and that's a secret we all share."