28 Strawberry quartz 28 Strawberry quartz
28 Strawberry quartz 28 Strawberry quartz
28 Strawberry quartz 28 Strawberry quartz
28 Strawberry quartz
28 Strawberry quartz
28 Strawberry quartz
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28 Strawberry quartz

28 Strawberry quartz

diameter 5.8mm
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28 and Maya Interview Scene

"I never sweat the small stuff, for I am powerful," 28 proclaimed.

M complimented, "28, you're so magnificent!"

"Yes, it's the air of a king," 28 agreed. "A lion should wear a bow tie, not a collar."

M observed, "Your presence is so strong, it's impossible for people not to notice you."

"I know you'll listen to me well, because I embody leadership," 28 noted.

M inquired, "28, can you share with us your most unforgettable moment?"

" We stand on the stage, and with just a wave of our hand, the sound of support follows," 28 explained. "Do you understand? This is not my most unforgettable moment, because it happens all the time, making it unforgettable. I must remember how glorious I am."

"That sounds amazing! Like a conductor!" M exclaimed.

"Not just that, not just that," 28 stressed. "What I want is your self-affirmation. Everything will support you, yes, everyone who comes here, believe in your own strength, because everything happening is supporting you, there's no way it wouldn't."

"I feel like kissing your hand, 28," M said, "you make me feel bathed in a golden beam of light, I think that's an affirmation for me."

"Your ability is not limited to this," 28 reassured. "Nor are your abilities just as you see them now. Affirming oneself is the key to unlocking your infinite potential. If you were ordinary, you wouldn't have been brought here. You were born extraordinary."

"You make me not want to end today's interview," M expressed, feeling inspired. "What else is there?"

"I may appear as leadership," 28 shared, "but behind it is support and affirmation. This key will lead you to your inner self, sparking new vitality. That's the power of being supported, you will always lead yourself on the path you desire. My nourishment is potential, your potential is guiding you here and unlocking it. Remember these words."