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29 Agate 29 Agate
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29 Agate

29 Agate

diameter 5.7mm
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29 and Maya Interview Scene

M walked into a gallery showcasing a series of abstract paintings.

M asked, "29, why meet here?"

"To invite you to appreciate the beauty of art," 29 replied.

"So many colors, astonishing creations, it feels like the paintings are flowing," M observed.

"Yes, art is a feeling; I am the star of art. The emotions and perceptions that people keenly capture become art," 29 explained.

"The atmosphere here is really comfortable, with a touch that reaches the depths of the heart," M felt.

"It's more about the need to appreciate emotions and feelings than the need for art itself," 29 suggested.

"Is this resonance? You're teaching us how to resonate with others!" M realized.

"Exactly, it's simple, relaxation is the key. To appreciate art, hold no prejudices, that is the spirit of freedom," 29 advised.

"The eyes that appreciate beauty are everywhere, but the heart that appreciates beauty is often overlooked. The resonance between people or with the external world mostly comes from that momentary experience of community. You're offering your feelings for others to experience, and such experiences will create more new experiences in the world, linked together," M reflected.

"You see, you're already creating your own art, M," 29 pointed out.

"Unknowingly I said all that, surprising," M admitted.

"Receiving new sensations, sharing your feelings, it's just that simple and natural flow. To create, become part of this flow of creation. Art is everywhere."