31 Demantoid 31 Demantoid
31 Demantoid 31 Demantoid
31 Demantoid 31 Demantoid
31 Demantoid
31 Demantoid
31 Demantoid
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31 Demantoid

31 Demantoid

diameter 6.7mm
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31 and Maya Interview Scene

M said, "31, if you keep speaking to me so gently, I don't even know how to ask my questions. I don't want to interrupt you."

31 greeted, "M, hello there, I enjoy your interviews."

M shared, "Seeing you makes me think of afternoon tea cakes, sweet and relaxing."

"If you wish, I can be anything," 31 offered.

M wondered, "If you can be anything, how can people recognize that it's you?"

"It's simple, I am flow. Whenever you enter any state of flow, I am there with you," 31 explained.

M asked, "Really? Why is that?"

"It's not magical. There's always someone entering the flow, always someone stepping on the magical beat. I'm just the embodiment of that beat. Rather than saying I'm magical, it's the creation that's magical," 31 clarified.

M concluded, "By that logic, everyone come here are magical!"

"Yes, you're right," 31 agreed. "This is a group of magical children brought by magic, and you're one of them."

M insisted, "I'm just here to interview."

"But you came, and that's a manifestation of magic. Don't question any reason for being here. You're here, and that's magical. What I want to tell you is, you yourselves can create miracles. Traveling endlessly through the flow will bring you infinite inspiration and insight. Never underestimate your magical ability," 31 encouraged.

"For some reason, just by silently calling your name, I found myself at 31, as if I'm starting my first interview," M reflected.

"Yes, that's how it is! That's the flow! Every time is a new experience, free from the constraints of time and space. M, you always manage to ask what everyone wants to hear, isn't that magical? Those who come here, you always see the answers you want to see, isn't that a miracle?" 31 said.

"I so enjoy our conversation! 31! Thank you for generously bringing us these magical words," M appreciated.

31 blessed, "I wish you well on your journey, I am with you."