33 Gray moonstone 33 Gray moonstone
33 Gray moonstone 33 Gray moonstone
33 Gray moonstone 33 Gray moonstone
33 Gray moonstone
33 Gray moonstone
33 Gray moonstone
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33 Gray moonstone

33 Gray moonstone

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33 and Maya Interview Scene 

M curiously asked, "Who is singing the lullaby? 33, is it you?" 

"Dear little baby, go to sleep, in the moon's lullaby, into a gentle slumber…" 33 replied with a soothing voice. 

"If you keep singing, I won't be able to finish this interview. I'm so sleepy…" M remarked, struggling to keep her eyes open. 

"I know you've been sleeping poorly lately, M. You should pay attention to your dreams," 33 noted with concern. 

"I have been dreaming a lot, but they are all fragmented, and I forget them by morning," M shared. 

"Good sleep will help you get into a better state, as you know. I am the star of dreams, not only can I help with sleep, but I can also answer your dreams. Like those fragmented dreams you mentioned, perhaps your mind has been receiving too much trivial information, maybe from watching too many videos?" 33 suggested, shedding light on the issue. 

"Yes! I have indeed been watching a lot of fragmented information lately," M admitted. 

"Fragments of information are also one reason dreams form, and dreams have many meanings. But I know the most significant meaning of dreams for people is not to remember them, but to have comfortable sleep, which is most important for the body," 33 explained, emphasizing the importance. 

"I have my reservations about that part; some people just like to dream, right?" M countered, half in jest. 

"Then let them enjoy dreaming, they often get answers about dreams, but don't forget, sleep itself is the most important," 33 replied. 

"I totally agree with that. When I don't sleep well at night, I feel uncomfortable and lack energy during the day," M agreed. 

"With my dream spirit, you will have restful sleep, that's what I want to tell you," 33 promised confidently. 

"Thank you, 33, I'm really sleepy, and I feel like I need a good rest. If people come into contact with you, will they want to sleep all the time?" M asked, her curiosity piqued. 

"I belong to the night, and you are sleepy now because you've reversed your day and night, dear. Your body is telling me its fatigue," 33 explained gently. 

"Then I definitely won't stay up tonight. I'll have a good night's sleep. Thanks for the reminder, 33!" M appreciated warmly.