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35 Amethyst

35 Amethyst

diameter 35-1 5.1mm | 35-2 5.7mm | 35-3 6.7mm
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35 and Maya Interview Scene 

M greeted enthusiastically, "Hi! You collective of wisdom!" 

"Greetings to you! Love to all visitors!" 35 replied warmly. 

"Shall we take it one at a time?" M suggested. 

"Delighted to," 35 agreed. 

"Hi, M, I enjoy greeting you like this," 35-1 chimed in cheerfully. 

"Hi, 35-1, you're happy with that title, aren't you?" M inquired. 

"Yes, a title represents definition, and I am the beginning of wisdom, 35-1," 35-1 affirmed proudly. 

"Introduce yourself to everyone, we're all eager to hear," M encouraged. 

"Today, I specifically wore this shimmering long dress to represent myself, look," 35-1 announced, showing off a dress that seemed composed of tiny mirrors or shimmering scales, glinting and rippling like water. 

"This miraculous attire, where does it come from?" M wondered in awe. 

"It's from the sea of wisdom. We can find wisdom in any material thing. What seems the same holds entirely different wisdom. Like crystals, they are all labeled crystals, but different crystals, even the same crystal in different forms, or even the same form, contain different wisdom and energy! M, you understand," 35-1 explained with enthusiasm. 

"Yes, like the three of you, you may look similar, but each of you has a unique way of expressing, even the same among you might manifest differently," M observed thoughtfully. 

"Exactly! That's wisdom. Wisdom is boundless. Even if I turn around, the different lights I refract are distinct. What you see is always what's happening now, and we are in the midst of it," 35-1 illustrated poetically. 

"So, you are the wisdom of the present!" M realized. 

"The present is the answer to everything. By coming here, you've reached the ultimate," 35-1 stated profoundly. 

"35-1 is truly beautiful. I've never seen such a beautiful display of wisdom," M exclaimed, captivated. 

"Hi, M, you've come to the source of wisdom," 35-2 greeted as a radiant presence of purple and silver light. 

"35-2? You're a glow of purple and silver light!" M noted, astonished. 

"Welcome. Discover me for yourself," 35-2 invited mysteriously. 

"How should I come to understand you?" M questioned. 

"Like the clouds in the sky, like a droplet in the ocean, like a blank sheet of paper, like the moment skin touches skin," 35-2 described evocatively. 

"These are all things seen and felt," M reflected. 

"No, when I speak of them, you've already come to know me. I am—connection," 35-2 revealed. 

"Recognizing the essence of things? You seem to be helping me feel more perspectives," M acknowledged, intrigued. 

"When you look at me, you are seeing the essence of things themselves. Try to see a diamond in me," 35-2 suggested. 

"It's amazing, my first impression is of something solid, indestructible, and beautifully different. I can't quite say where it comes from, just a perception... 35-2, is this what you bring to us?" M asked in wonder. 

"This is the state of being that you inherently are. Everything is perpetually connected. I am like a magnifying glass that allows you to feel more clearly and directly. Do you like it?" 35-2 inquired. 

"I love it! I even feel like singing about it," M responded joyfully. 

"That's right. Recognizing the essence of things is a joyful thing because we are never alone. Yes, we, including us, M, everyone who comes here, everything, you will see, we are the same sacred beings, eternal beings," 35-2 assured warmly. 

"I am truly impressed by the 35s, such profound wisdom..." M expressed her admiration. 

"Hello, friend," 35-3 greeted simply. 

"Hello, 35-3, I'm eager to hear what you want to bring to us," M said, full of anticipation. 

"And you always have been, 35-3," 35-3 responded cryptically. 

"What do you mean? I don't quite understand," M was puzzled. 

"This is creativity. Yes, whoever is being creative is 35-3," 35-3 clarified. 

"Are you talking about our interview?" M asked for clarification. 

"Yes, M, you are as well. We flow through any creative process. What is creativity? Inspiration, and where does inspiration come from? Observation," 35-3 elaborated. 

"Honestly, I don't even know what I am writing sometimes, I'm just truthfully stating what you've told me—is that also called creativity?" M asked, pondering.

"Hey, don't underestimate your soul. We are fundamentally the same thing," 35-3 responded with a hint of encouragement.

"So creativity comes from?" M probed further.

"The observation of the soul. The soul knows everything, and we are born from the soul's creation. Come closer, and you'll see—" 35-3 invited.

"I see so many ideas! Wow! Like fireworks, so brilliant!" M exclaimed, captivated by the vision.

"That's the spark of the soul. What are you thinking about right now?" 35-3 inquired.

"I'm thinking about how to show everyone this kind of imagery," M shared.

"Don't bother, M," 35-3 suggested gently, "I mean, everyone might see something different, and that's exactly what makes creativity so fascinating. Everyone is unique."

"You're right! Perhaps people will remember a melody, or a certain color, as long as the soul receives the signal, you can start connecting with them. Is that what you mean?" M guessed, trying to grasp the concept.

"Yes, M, your responses always satisfy us. I think everyone who comes here will understand what creativity is, like seeing something in the next minute—that's your soul's creativity! Dive into it!" 35-3 encouraged.

"Ah! I see several tissues stacked together, they feel like marble steps, even these colors could be assembled into the elements of a painting! 35-3! I like you!" M expressed her excitement.

"Want to share with everyone, this is such a fun thing!" M concluded with enthusiasm, inspired by the unique perspectives of creativity shared by 35-3.