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36 White phantom 36 White phantom
36 White phantom 36 White phantom
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36 White phantom

36 White phantom

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36 and Maya Interview Scene

"Peace...peace...", voice from 36.

M said, "36, you're like vapor, this reminds me of 30!"

"If you'd like to describe me as mist," 36 replied.

M continued, "Alright, that's indeed very delicate, unlike the super soaker 30 gave me."

"I hope to treat you gently, to gently remove stains, stains in the energy field," 36 explained.

"So, the people who come here have energy fields that aren't clean?" M asked.

"To be precise, it's not that they aren't clean, but they can be cleaner," 36 clarified.

"Can you give an example? Your voice is really gentle, we'd love to hear more," M requested.

"If you've been wearing a white shirt for a long time, and it's wrinkled and yellowing, that's your old energy field. I can replace it with a new shirt for you, in any color. It can make you look fresher and feel more comfortable. You can't say the old shirt is bad because you're used to it, and it has served its purpose for you. But when it's time for a new shirt, you come to me. Maybe I'm what you'd call a clothing store? Haha," 36 elaborated.

M reflected, "I see, maybe we can learn some new definitions of life from you?"

"You get it. You've understood me. New clothes, old clothes, they are all your clothes. You decide what to wear, based on your own definition of yourself. Whether to continue wearing a shirt or to switch to a custom-made suit, it all comes from the new start you want. This seed has already sprouted in your consciousness, M, and those who come to my store," 36 said.

"Thank you! 36, maybe you'd like to give me a beautiful dress?" M suggested.

"Come in, have a look at what you like. What you choose, you will become. I am 36," 36 invited.