37 Moonstone 37 Moonstone
37 Moonstone 37 Moonstone
37 Moonstone 37 Moonstone
37 Moonstone
37 Moonstone
37 Moonstone
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37 Moonstone

37 Moonstone

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37 and Maya Interview Scene 

M puzzled, "No one told me 37 works at a hospital. Where's 37?" 

"We are all 37," 37 explained calmly. 

"Is 37 a nurse?" M inquired. 

"Perhaps it's more apt to call this place a sanatorium," 37 suggested. 

"Why's that? The atmosphere here feels rather hurried, much like a hospital," M observed.

"You've come to a mental sanatorium. The reason it seems rushed is that people who come here have things in their minds they want to ignore, not wanting to recall, so time here moves quickly, appearing hectic, but in reality, it's stagnant. Look, do you see any new energy coming in?" 37 explained.

"Now that you mention it, it seems so. The colors that come and go are all dull, like old photographs, with an uncomfortable smell lingering," M noted.

"You've come to the right place, M," 37 said.

"Ah? What does that have to do with me? I don't feel uncomfortable," M responded.

"In the sanatorium, there are not only those who need healing but also those who heal others. It's not just the children that 37 has to face, but also 37's companions," 37 clarified.

"I see!" M exclaimed.

"So, now that you're here and see the situation, what else do you want to do?" 37 asked.

"For some reason, I want to open the door. It's stuffy here, no ventilation," M said.

"You're right, you're also one of 37, and everyone will join 37. What we need to do is simple: open the door. Whether it's opening our own doors or helping others to open theirs, we always need fresh air to flow. Only then can memories truly leave this place, and people can really breathe deeply, right?" 37 pointed out.

"You're right, but for some people, suddenly opening the door might scare their souls away," M noted.

"So we can start by opening the windows, little by little, patiently. In this process, we will also be healed, M," 37 assured.

"Indeed, in helping others, one also feels genuinely joyful," M acknowledged.

"Come, healers and those being healed are all the same in love," 37 concluded.