38 Moonstone 38 Moonstone
38 Moonstone 38 Moonstone
38 Moonstone 38 Moonstone
38 Moonstone
38 Moonstone
38 Moonstone
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38 Moonstone

38 Moonstone

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38 and Maya Interview Scene

"I haven't got this slightly buzzed feeling for a long time, 38, are you a bartender?" Asked by M.

"Here, catch!" 38 said, tossing a slice of lemon. "Add this, you'll like it even more."

"This feeling is really nice, to do as one pleases…" M noted.

"Yes, just relax to your heart's content while you're here! Go find something to do, something that relaxes your body and mind," 38 encouraged.

"So, 38, who are you?" M inquired.

"Isn't it obvious? I am a nurturer," 38 revealed.

"Ah? I wouldn't have guessed someone like a bartender would have the energy of a nurturer," M expressed surprise.

"Oh, dear, hahaha, I appreciate your honesty. But being a bartender is just a way to help you relax; my essence is to make people feel nourished and blessed. You needed to relax, so I handed you a drink. You're an adult, you can drink. If it were a child, maybe I'd have offered candy instead. People always need to feel looked after. A drink is what suits you best right now," 38 explained.

"You even notice needs that I wasn't aware of myself! 38, you're really considerate," M praised.

"So, do you like it? M," 38 asked.

"I love it, I feel completely relaxed. Thank you sincerely, I feel so relaxed," M appreciated.

"Your needs will attract what's necessary to fulfill them, that's what I'm here for. I hope everyone understands, I absolutely love you all," 38 stated.

"I'm sure everyone has received this care well, and of course, it's not always alcohol, hahaha," M joked.

"They all know, each person deep down knows what they need, it just needs to be brought to the surface, so here I am," 38 concluded.