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39 Cordierite 39 Cordierite
39 Cordierite 39 Cordierite
39 Cordierite 39 Cordierite
39 Cordierite
39 Cordierite
39 Cordierite
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39 Cordierite

39 Cordierite

diameter 5mm
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39 and Maya Interview Scene

39 praised, "M, I like your recent performance."

"You mean? What?" M asked.

"Congratulations on finding your own rhythm and pace," 39 explained.

"Is there any hint you can give?" M inquired.

"I see you exercising, hydrating, making some adjustments in your life," 39 observed.

"Yes, I've started exercising recently and have lightly planned out my living habits," M confirmed.

"That's very good. I am a rhythm, a rhythm of moderation," 39 stated.

"For example? Are you like a Pomodoro timer?" M joked.

"Not entirely. I am a changing rhythm, a rhythm that can be enjoyed, originating from the rhythm of life, the rhythm of existence. You want your rhythm to be orderly, you know, an orderly rhythm symbolizes health and also signifies important achievements. Whether it's studying, working, or something else, you always need something to plan yourself, even to restrict yourself, so I am this 39, the tuner," 39 elaborated.

"Isn't frequency about vibration? Why does it become rhythm and pace?" M wondered.

"At its core, it's the same thing. Vibration, too, has its chaotic vibrations and orderly resonances. Resonance brings precise outcomes, whereas chaotic vibrations result in scattered, unpredictable results. A few points can form a line and move in the same direction, but without this line, the points are just aimlessly moving, right?" 39 clarified.

"Why would a line control the rhythm?" M asked.

"The line itself doesn't exist; it's just the way the points resonate together that forms a line. You can direct them towards wealth, academic achievements, or like with exercise, you can aim them towards health or weight loss. Yes, you're right, these are determined by your consciousness. I can help your consciousness form a rhythm, to achieve your goals," 39 said.

"Like me typing orderly right now? This is in my plan," M mentioned.

"Yes, you've got it, M. When they see it, they'll understand too," 39 concluded.