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40 Spodumene

40 Spodumene

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40 and Maya Interview Scene

40 chanted, "The wisdom of the heart, the connections of the heart, the love of the heart..."

"Is this your backyard? It's beautifully maintained, 40, do you like flowers a lot?" M asked.

"Yes, watching the flowers bloom makes me happy," 40 replied.

"Could you introduce yourself?" M requested.

"As you wish, M. I want everyone who comes here to appreciate the blooming of flowers, just as they would enjoy the flow of a river or the birth of a leaf," 40 shared.

"Your description is so beautiful, as if it's right before my eyes," M commented.

"The feelings of the heart are most important. Those who come here seem to have neglected their heart's feelings. I've even seen doubts," 40 observed.

"Haha, you're right. I've felt it too, a sense of being doubted," M agreed.

"Do you know, M, that the doubter is not doubting others, but themselves? The more they project their doubts outward, the more they are filled with self-interrogation. This is the source of unhappiness," 40 explained.

"You're right. Why not affirm instead? Oh, I want to affirm those who doubt within themselves, even those doubting this interview. I want to affirm them, to praise them, for they are expressing who they are," M reflected.

"Even if it appears they are hurting others, the first one to get hurt is always the one who emits the harm," 40 noted.

"What about physical attacks? If it seems one is attacking another, how do we understand that the attacker is also getting hurt first?" M inquired.

"M, I think you understand very well. Any form of attack outward is a reflection of dissatisfaction, lack, and tiredness of criticism within oneself, that’s why they’re always thinking of criticizing others. They release what they hear. Try to sympathize with them, M. This is a long-term torment, needing healing from beings like 37. Isn't this a result of enduring torment, where every release of anger and violence is a reflection of what has been and continues to be inflicted upon them?" 40 suggested.

"I think my understanding is indeed so. But I believe we should first sympathize with and aceept ourselves," M said.

"Yes, M, you're absolutely right. Everyone who comes here needs such empathy. It's not about stepping back from harm, but about understanding it. When you can understand it, such situations will diminish. Do you see? Because they are seen by love. Stop harming yourself and others; you are all children of love," 40 affirmed.

"40, I can feel that some people would want to cry after hearing your words. Shall we embrace them?" M proposed.

"With utmost pleasure. Perhaps I am the embrace they need, right? What do you think?" 40 concluded.