41 Smoky crystal 41 Smoky crystal
41 Smoky crystal 41 Smoky crystal
41 Smoky crystal 41 Smoky crystal
41 Smoky crystal
41 Smoky crystal
41 Smoky crystal
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41 Smoky crystal

41 Smoky crystal

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41 and Maya Interview Scene

41 claimed, "When you came to me, your body was already undergoing a deep cleanse."

"Yes! How did you know? I've had some minor health issues recently and could feel my body's systems updating," M said.

"Yes, updating, rebooting, I am 41," 41 confirmed.

"Did you bring this change? I remember seeing you briefly last time, and before I could interview, I caught a cold," M recounted.

"Perhaps it's better to say, because your body desired an update, I appeared alongside your desire," 41 explained.

"I see! What kind of wonderful effects do you bring?" M inquired.

"Helping to cleanse, more thoroughly, more comfortably, a completely new self," 41 described.

"Yes! After seeing you last time, my habits have been quietly changing, even my food choices have shifted," M observed.

"Then I congratulate you on truly understanding me. All the negative states that have been troubling you are gradually coming to an end, your transformation is nearly complete," 41 stated.

"Is it the same for everyone who comes here?" M asked.

"Some need a sign that it's time for them to cleanse, others are already in the process of cleansing. However, what I hope for is that everyone pays more attention to their physical health, to be complete and pure, without dependence on anything. The state of physical health is very precious," 41 hoped.

"I couldn't agree more, dear. When we're not feeling unwell, we often prioritize our body's sensations and state after trivial matters. Only when we're unwell do we realize the value of a healthy body and lifestyle," M concurred.