43 Lapis lazuli 43 Lapis lazuli
43 Lapis lazuli 43 Lapis lazuli
43 Lapis lazuli 43 Lapis lazuli
43 Lapis lazuli
43 Lapis lazuli
43 Lapis lazuli
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43 Lapis lazuli

43 Lapis lazuli

diameter 6.7mm
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43 and Maya Interview Scene

M greeted, "Hi! 43, what a beautiful day!"

" M, I invite you in for a tour," said 43.

"Wow, what are all these? Exhibits? They're beautiful. Is this telling a story?" M inquired, amazed.

"These are paintings. I thought you might know, I can be used as paint," 43 revealed.

"The colors are, how should I say, dazzling, and there's a sense of nobility to them," M remarked.

"That's correct, M. However, nobility isn't just shown through color, but because I embody understanding itself, I can take on a leading role," 43 explained.

"So, what is this painting about?" M asked.

"It tells a story of a wise ancient monarch who broadly adopted the advice of wise ministers, leading the country to prosperity and the people to happiness. Do you understand what I'm saying?" 43 elaborated.

"Wow, that's wonderful. I see your color on the monarch's sash. 43, why does this person have such large ears?" M noticed.

"Sometimes, listening to others' advice isn't a bad thing. All information stems from your inner desire. What you want to hear internally will appear externally. This is the best proof of inner and outer harmony," 43 pointed out.

"How does this relate to understanding?" M probed.

"Yes, you've hit the nail on the head. A person's thoughts are often a blend of their background, character, upbringing, and educational environment, among other factors. So, discerning what advice is beneficial and what isn't is crucial. First understand, then discern, and fully utilize. This is where leadership comes from. Proficiency, that's my noun," 43 clarified.

"I get it! Today's interview is like a leadership workshop. Incredibly enlightening," M expressed.

"If it has been of help to you, I'm very happy," 43 concluded.