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44 Hiddenite

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44 and Maya Interview Scene

44 started, "If you're willing to look into my eyes, you'll see a deep love within them."

"44, you're so special. Why can I only see you from the past and not in the present? Thankfully, we have a time machine," M remarked.

"Because I am the memory of love, M," 44 explained.

"That's really fascinating. Who are you?" M inquired.

"I am a sprite in your memories, letting you discover expressions of love as you look back through your life experiences. You'll realize that everything that happened was about love, deep, selfless love, that made you who you are. It might sound absurd, especially since those who come to me often have memories they're reluctant to revisit, but I still want to bring the truth about them," 44 clarified.

"We're extremely looking forward to it, 44!"

"Everything that's already happened doesn't define who you are, but it genuinely shapes the you of now. Are you satisfied with yourself at the moment?" 44 questioned.

"I hope everyone feels satisfied with themselves," M hoped.

"No, when you despise a part of your history, not enjoying that segment of your life experience, a part of your self always remains stagnant. Those experiences might not have been pleasant for you at the time, but I am 44. Since you've come here, this marks the beginning of our release. Did you know you're an angel? You are a perfect creation, you cannot be imperfect, you cannot have any flaws, do you understand?" 44 reassured.

"Your words bring tears to my eyes, 44, and I don't know why," M admitted.

"You're feeling what they felt. It's not the past that's being released because that's already passed, and I stand in the flow of time looking at you. I hope you can see into my eyes, filled with love and blessings. In those reluctant memories, there's always a sliver of love that rises. Folks, do you believe your life is complete?" 44 pondered.

"I believe, and I think everyone else will too," M affirmed.

"That's the love from retrospection, everything that happens is shaping the you of now. You will have a bright future. Let's illuminate that corner first, allowing you to see love and hope. You are a child of God, favored by fate. Everything is fine, everything is the best arrangement. You know very well, you are the best version of yourself," 44 concluded.