46 Prehnite 46 Prehnite
46 Prehnite 46 Prehnite
46 Prehnite 46 Prehnite
46 Prehnite
46 Prehnite
46 Prehnite
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46 Prehnite

46 Prehnite

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46 and Maya Interview Scene

In an atmosphere of tranquility, the wheat fields sway gently in the wind.

M asked, "46, is this your home?"

"Yes, it's boundless. This is my home, and it's also your home," 46 replied.

"Indeed, it's boundless, yet there's no unease from not seeing the edges. This place makes me feel very secure," M observed.

"Welcome, M. Sit down and have some tea," 46 invited.

"46, how can I introduce this place to everyone?" M wondered.

"They've already stepped in here, into the peace within. This is everyone's home," 46 clarified.

"It's so comfortable... like floating in the air," M remarked.

"Those who come here seek to break free from their thoughts, to recognize the real world. So, I invite you to the gateway of the real world, the door called inner peace. It's easier to focus when it's not so noisy, right?" 46 proposed.

"Hey, your words remind me of a recent insight of mine. Lately, I've noticed that fragmented information tightly envelops people, making it hard for them to discern what's shaping their lives, much less break free. This fragmented info comes from the internet, from snippets of conversations; there's no true or false, only the consumption of time and energy, leading to wasted days," M shared.

"It seems your insights have led you here. I am, I am emptiness," 46 revealed.

"Wow! Really! I've indeed felt recently that our channels of information should be filtered, our minds and bodies need to empty, and then I found myself here!" M exclaimed.

"Come, sit down, let's slow down, and empty together. When your heart is utterly at ease, emptied of everything, what do you feel?" 46 asked.

"An immense sense of peace and security, as if nothing is a must-do, just letting things take their natural course?" M pondered.

"The same goes for them. Hey, welcome here, to your heart's space," 46 welcomed.