47 Green rutilated quartz 47 Green rutilated quartz
47 Green rutilated quartz 47 Green rutilated quartz
47 Green rutilated quartz 47 Green rutilated quartz
47 Green rutilated quartz
47 Green rutilated quartz
47 Green rutilated quartz
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47 Green rutilated quartz

47 Green rutilated quartz

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47 and Maya Interview Scene

47 starts with, "Do you believe that you're always receiving care from the universe?"

"Why not? I always feel supported by everything around me to do things," M responds.

47 explains, "I mean, beyond just doing things, you're supported at every moment. What you wish to do is actively seeking you, and what you aspire to become is striving to be your exemplar."

"Hold on, hold on. 47, aren't we saying it the other way around? Isn't it me who actively seeks what I want to do, striving to measure up to my exemplars?" M interjects.

"Child, listen to me. Everything is eternally connected. What you desire also desires you. What you wish to become is also becoming you. It's through mutual resonance that we hear each other's voices, right? Don't you think what you desire wants to be needed by someone, and what you wish to become wants to be someone else's aspiration? Do you feel supported by what I'm saying?" 47 suggests.

"Are you saying—there's mutual resonance between me and what I desire, what I want to become?" M seeks clarification.

"Yes, exactly that," 47 confirms.

"So, what should I do to truly embrace and become?" M inquires.

"Just go for it, M. Let those who've come here know that all you need to do is take action. Everything supportive is already prepared," 47 encourages.

"Is that all it takes?" M wonders.

"Sometimes, people are only a step away from realizing their dreams, yet that step distances them from all their dreams and visions. I believe you understand, M. Aren't your visions gradually taking shape and becoming reality through action? Do you really think you're the only one creating, and your dreams don't have the slightest desire to come closer to you? Hey, don't let them wait too long. I know you understand," 47 advises.

"Indeed, in the process of acting, I'm continuously moving forward. Sometimes, I don't even know how I got from here to there, and bit by bit, it's nearly realized?" M reflects.

"Yes, M. Everything is supporting you. The universe backs all who are willing to enter into a reciprocal resonance to create their experiences. What are you hesitating for, viewer in front of the screen? I am the creation of practice, a supporter," 47 concludes.