48 Morganite 48 Morganite
48 Morganite 48 Morganite
48 Morganite 48 Morganite
48 Morganite
48 Morganite
48 Morganite
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48 Morganite

48 Morganite

diameter 6.2mm
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A little squirrel brings you a flower: you will get random color for 48.

48 and Maya Interview Scene

48 begins, "Sincerity."

M greets, "Hi, 48. Did you just say, sincerity?"

"Yes, we are the truth," 48 replies.

"What truth?" M inquires.

"The truth in treating everyone genuinely," 48 explains.

"Maybe I should ask, don't we treat others genuinely?" M wonders.

"I mean, many people cover their true thoughts with lies and beautified words, but that's not the real you," 48 clarifies.

"Yes, so what? Everyone gets along peacefully, isn't that good?" M responds.

"No, that's not right. Untruthful words only maintain an untruthful facade, and clearly, this facade is not what you truly desire," 48 asserts.

"But destruction doesn't seem to be what we're seeking either?" M counters.

"Do you know, often, the force of destruction comes from the imagination of truth, even the imagination of oneself. Why is sincere facing considered destructive, rather than developmental and growth-oriented? Why is that?" 48 questions.

"Maybe people think this approach is more adult? I mean, more socially accepted?" M suggests.

"Unsincere, dishonest words create an unreal society, just for your individuals. Expressing your own true feelings isn't difficult, what's hard is facing the consequences you imagine. Am I right?" 48 proposes.

"I have to admit, you are right," M concedes.

"I'm expressing my truth, do you feel offended?" 48 asks.

"No, I feel this is just a discussion, nothing else," M assures.

"What would make you feel offended then?" 48 probes.

"Doing something that makes me unhappy? Saying something I don't want to hear?" M speculates.

"Who is the starting point?" 48 queries.

"Is it myself?" M ponders.

"So, start by being honest with yourself? Why do you think truth has a negative impact? Who are you?" 48 presses.

"Frankly, you make a part of me want to leave this place," M admits.

"No, M, don't go, let's continue. What I want to tell you is this: by honestly expressing yourself, you'll shape the real world around you. The question of who you are arises from these expressions. When you express your truth, that's when you're declaring to the universe who you are. Do you think anything can really hurt you?" 48 encourages.

"No, maybe what hurts me is myself?" M reflects.

"Exactly, that's right. When you candidly express your desire to flee, you're declaring your truth, revealing a part of you that doesn't want to be honest with yourself. Yet, you're still answering my questions and asking real ones. Who you are stems from this," 48 explains.

"An impressive lesson, thank you, 48. How I express myself defines who I am. So, what will welcoming my honest expressions bring?" M wonders.

"A real world, shaped by your actions. Create a world where nothing can hurt you, and you'll welcome a world without harm. Hey, what do you want to express?" 48 inquires.

"My true vision!!! I want to realize it!!!" M declares.

"Start from that point, expr d eess yourself truly! Honesty resonates with honesty, reality shapes reality, and your truth lies within your expressions. Be yourself!" 48 concludes.