49 Gold rutilated quartz 49 Gold rutilated quartz
49 Gold rutilated quartz 49 Gold rutilated quartz
49 Gold rutilated quartz 49 Gold rutilated quartz
49 Gold rutilated quartz
49 Gold rutilated quartz
49 Gold rutilated quartz
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49 Gold rutilated quartz

49 Gold rutilated quartz

diameter 6.7mm
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49 and Maya Interview Scene

49 announces, "Money flows create wealth, M!"

M retorts, "Did you install surveillance in my house? I really have been spending a lot of money lately!"

49 laughs, "Ha, I embody the flow of money. I know your situation all too well."

M confesses, "But not everything I buy is necessarily useful. Oh, I think you might have heard some of my regrets."

49 chuckles again, "M, relax. Things without a specific use wouldn't come to you. The money spent achieves your destiny. Of course, I mean there's always a clear hint when you make a purchase about what's coming your way."

M sighs in relief, "Phew! I almost thought you were encouraging people to spend big! So you're saying the flow of money creates opportunities."

"Yes, don't you get it? You're not just looking at your money; your money is also looking at you! They're thinking, what can I bring for you? I'm eager to try! I want to increase your experiences!" 49 explains.

"So, the theme of money's flow is about increasing experiences?" M queries.

"Exactly. In the hands of creators, money is always eager and proactive. It looks forward to bringing you abundant experiences, wonderful opportunities. I just love money!" 49 exclaims.

"Because you are money itself?" M jests.

"Oh come on, don't misunderstand me. I'm not just limited to money itself. What people think they're losing, in reality, is bringing something to them. I'm such a positive flow! I need you to discover me! And money is what you pay most attention to," 49 clarifies.

"No, no, no, I won't admit it. I have my own views on money," M counters.

"Yes, though you still might feel the loss of the money spent. Hahaha, M, aren't you also a mortal?" 49 teases.

"Then is it too late for me to transcend now? Hahaha," M jokes.

"You're always so humorous! What I mean is, that sense of lack is precisely a part of the perfect destiny! Money flows out to bring opportunities, creating more wealth for you! Daring to dream and act follows, but first, you need to be grateful for money, admire this flow from your heart, wow! Money is fantastic! It creates abundance for me!" 49 shares.

"Yes! Money is fantastic! And its flow is even better! I'm willing to join such positive creation. Why not! Grateful!" M declares enthusiastically.