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50 Kyanite 50 Kyanite
50 Kyanite 50 Kyanite
50 Kyanite
50 Kyanite
50 Kyanite
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50 Kyanite

50 Kyanite

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50 and Maya Interview Scene

50 initiates, "Let's debate, for the truth becomes clearer through debate."

M responds, "50s, to be honest, I didn't expect you to appear as individual entities rather than a single energy form. So, who will take the interview first?"

"We all will! Together!" 50 exclaims.

"Let's get to know you, the little ones," M says.

One of the 50s steps forward, "Focus the camera on me, ahem, I am 50, we are all 50, we represent different truths! We are the sparkles of individuality!"

"How should I understand that?" M asks.

"You know, there are various ideas in this world, and we are those sparkling ideas. Wow, we absolutely love different ideas! It's so exciting!" 50 explains.

"But in the human world, it's more common to see conformity enforced, and people dislike when others have different ideas, seeing it as a challenge," M observes.

"No!! Don't treat different ideas that way, don't do that, it's cruel," 50 pleads.

"What I mean is, the moment I saw you, I realized how cruel that is. An idea shouldn't try to kill another idea, because you are all so lovely and endearing," M states.

"Yes! M, you've understood! Various ideas can create fantastic stuffs. If we appeared as a single energy form, you wouldn't be able to see so many of us! Look, I'm wearing a red dress, it's wearing a green shirt, and there's someone over there with a chip on their head. Why should we hate each other? We all find each other absolutely adorable! At least I can't imagine what I would look like with a flowerpot on my head, like that one over there. Hey, the different ones are showing me what they are, and it's so stunning. More importantly, the different ones are also showing me what I am, allowing me to understand myself!" 50 elaborates.

"What an eloquent bunch! People are sure to grow fond of different ideas because of you, they definitely will!" M affirms.

"Yes, don't hate! Don't hate! We are all equally dazzling sparks!" 50 concludes.