53 Strawberry quartz 53 Strawberry quartz
53 Strawberry quartz 53 Strawberry quartz
53 Strawberry quartz 53 Strawberry quartz
53 Strawberry quartz
53 Strawberry quartz
53 Strawberry quartz
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53 Strawberry quartz

53 Strawberry quartz

diameter 5.7mm
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53 and Maya Interview Scene

53 said, "Enthusiasm is a continuous source of energy."

"How are you so warm like magma, dear 53?" M asked.

"Hey, let me bring you a passionate dance!" 53 replied.

"How should we know you?" M asked. "53, you even make me see the feeling of magnificence."

"Yes! It comes from the energy deep inside you! The long-suppressed source of life! Come, dance in a whirl with me!" 53 exclaimed.

"How can I be as splendid and free as you? It's such a beautiful feeling," M wondered.

"Your life has been quiet for too long, now is the perfect season to bloom! Being here means the energy within you is boundless. Try to bloom, okay? Engage in some activities, grow your knowledge. The world is vast, and you're at the critical point of blooming!" 53 encouraged.

"Why do you have these little sparkling dots on you? What are they?" M inquired.

"These? Aren't these what you call strengths? Look, you all have many strengths!" 53 explained.

"Yes, so?" M asked.

"Hey! Dance with your strengths! There's more fun waiting for you! Like tons of compliments! Enthusiastic help! What else can blind you, making you feel not good enough? Nothing! Nothing! Nothing can limit you from spreading your beauty!" 53 declared.

"So, 53, who are you?" M asked.

"I am a dancer of life, a praiser of beauty, I am about loving oneself!" 53 proclaimed.

"Can loving oneself unleash so many beautiful appearances? Oh my," M exclaimed.

"Yes, I'll tell you honestly, falling in love with yourself indeed makes your appearance more and more beautiful, makes you more and more popular, and makes you better! What reason is there not to see your own beauty?" 53 affirmed.

"So all this stems from the love for oneself!" M realized.